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 Hannah Davis


By now you know the ground rules.

As tempted i was to draw good old Mr Warren Worthington III in a black leotard with strips of latex draped around his wings and and his torso. I figured though the best direction for me was maybe during Logan,doctor strange and his visit to the realm of the crimson dawn he got some of that action as well and well went tom cruise last samurai on your a$$.

Psylocke can also be graphically similar by creating pinks wings but butter fly wings instead. I never put two and two together that they can visually create the same silhouette. She can also create similar wing blades like him. Pink blades to the face .

On a side note i am huge fan of the psychic butterfly. when i worked for wolverine and the x-men (the cartoon) i was so stoked when my director asked me to design it for her one episode. It was really fun to figure out how that would move in a beam, link here

Next  will probably be Remy and rogue OR storm and forge(should be tons of fun). All these designs should be in my new/first sketchbook

jean and scott here

logan and jubilee  here

Remy and Rogue here

Storm and Forge here


There are not many Latino or African American superheroes. Do you feel a special pressure or do you enjoy…? 



More fe:a fashion AU

Cherche dresses very nicely, sort of classy goth with a bit of punk. She’s big on blouses and tight-fitting skirts. She’s also very fond of lace and stripes

Nowi dresses almost earthy, but with a fun playful twist. She likes shorts and loose-hanging tank tops mostly thin strapped. lots of shiny silver jewelry. Boots are a must so that she can run around and have fun 

[x]Tharja and Olivia

Ringleader, archer, samurai. And in that order.

Hi y’all I’m away out the country today so I don’t think I’ll be posting much -not that I find the time to blog anymore anyway lol- but yes next two weeks I will be away!

Joseph Gordon Levitt

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"I wear really big earrings because I don’t like my ears and there are other things I won’t mention because then, y’all will look at it."


i am not the same person i was before this episode